Is Protesting More Trouble Than It’s Worth?

With protesters having to deal with being arrested, weeks after attending a protest[1][2], to protesters filing lawsuits against the NYPD today[3], is protesting in the streets for more trouble than its worth?

ny_daily_newsBy squabbling with the police, we aren’t fighting the true enemy, who I am proposing are Democrats and Republicans – the architects of the country. We, the people are facing their “security” in the form of aa pick and roll offense.

It’s not a perfect example but say three people are involved. One represents the people, on defense. The other two, on offense, are the police/security who sets the pick, freeing the ruling class to “roll” to the basket to score. Business gets done as usual while we still get caught up with the pick. That’s what the Daily News article reminded me of. The protester with good intent, goes against the system that the Democrats and Republicans together create, but is stopped by the police who do the dirty work as shown in the picture below.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

It may sound counter-intuitive but if we can redefine protesting to actions that are away from the street, where we don’t deal with police, we can then stay focused on the ruling class. This will be detailed in a separate post, but it’s nothing you haven’t heard before. It’s just underutilized. We can kill more birds with the same stones ( ie people) and reduce getting caught up in street protests. We may still have to deal with armed forces eventually, but at that point we would be ready to do so. 

[1] “An artist stopped posting protest photos online to shield activists from police. Then, he was arrested.” 08 Aug 2020

[2] “The FBI used a Philly protester’s Etsy profile, LinkedIn, and other internet history to charge her with setting police cars ablaze” 29 Aug 2020

[3] “82 NYC protesters file to sue city alleging police brutality at George Floyd events.” 22 Aug 2020

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