How Not to Analyze Black People Problems

Criticizing drug users and dealers without also looking at their environment and not mentioning Nixon and Reagan – who imported drugs -solves nothing and is Black bourgeoisie analysis.

China had success in dealing with Opium. But to compare stolen Blacks to a whole country while not speaking to the fact that has China their own land, culture, where they can control the environment is so incomplete it’s not even funny.

B.F. Skinner in his book Beyond Freedom and Dignity, explains how one can control the environment and make it seem as if the person is acting on his own free will. Since most I speak to believes that the individual and only the individual make our own choices, every Black person would benefit from reading this book to see that we are not as much of independent actors as we think.

One Way to Maintain Sanity While Helping Others Who Don’t See Your Insight

Dr Amos Wilson offers advice below when you feel like you are talking till you are blue and feel hopeless that your people do not seem attracted to the message. I read the below passage from time to time for strength and find it helps.

“You must be very careful when you have insight, and want to convey that insight and the people are not going the way you think they should go, be careful that you get angry with the people and the next thing, you are wishing thunderbolts on them!

You must recognize that you are one frail human being.
You are called upon to do whatever you can do within your limitations.
If not a single person hears you, is transformed by what you have to say, you must be satisfied that you have done the best that you can do and this is all you’ve been called upon to do.

That saves your sanity, it saves your emotional state, saves your body.
It also means that you do not become another dupe of the system. I often tell people, when you getting angry, you’ve been had in terms of what you are trying to convey to the people. This is part of the game.”

Dr. Amos Wilson – The Psychology of Self-Hatred and Self-Defeat Towards a Reclamation of the Afrikan Mind pg. 97

My thoughts on the “The Myth and Propaganda of Black Buying Power” by Jared Ball

UPDATE: I was able to reach out to the author Dr. Ball and clear up the burning questions I had. I have to check if the labor movement was mentioned in his book but I have a better understanding of what he feels would work. The government has not given Blacks the help they need, so I asked Dr Ball, if all groups within America stopped consuming would that help? He said something like that and suggested that the labor movement history is important. Unions, strikes, etc.

That was all I needed to hear. It was a clue to go on. I’ve heard Boots Riley discuss supporting the labor movement but despite Boots making a whole movie about it, I wasn’t sure about the strategy since Boots calls himself a communist. But with Dr Ball mentioned labor movement. That reminded me of Fred Hampton of the Black Panthers. He had an ability to join with and influence other ethnic groups and was later assassinated for it.. I have to study what Fred was trying to do closer. The blueprint may exist. But I’m grateful Dr Ball took the time discuss his book and clear up my questions. The review below was written before I chatted with him.

I read the The Myth And Propaganda Of Black Buying Power this weekend to compare with a phrase I heard Dr Amos Wilson about “protecting our markets”. While the book is well-researched, I still had reservations about the book. Still the book is worth a read.

I agree with the evidence presented suggesting the way Black buying power has been promoted as pure propaganda. Propaganda that the U.S. Government started and the Black bourgeois continued to promote to gain white Advertising dollars. Not because the buying power actually increased. I also agree with Dr. Ball’s argument that government grants specifically for Blacks has to be the main way our financial situation can improve. I even agree with banking Black being insufficient. There is a lot that I agree with.

However, I didn’t notice mentioned the positive ways our black buying power was used that was not for White advertising or buying White products. I thought the Nation of Islam and the Marcus Garvey movement, were able to successfully using the black buying power to benefit the communities in which it served. Garvey was able to create businesses and NOI was able to create businesses by changing the tastes of black men, so they desired less from outside our community. That model would take work but is still needed today. So what I missed from the book was a good enough argument to not try those things. It didn’t last but we could learn from their mistakes and not throw out the whole initiative. Despite the ADOS movement, the government is trying to avoid any conversation about billion dollar grants to Blacks. Until those grants come why not do what we can in terms of shopping Black and protecting our market.

Dr. Amos N. Wilson is mentioned in the book, at the end of chapter 3. Mr. Ball compliments him while saying he continued the myth as well. This is a great critique and it’s true. But in other audio speeches such as the one below, Dr. Wilson says we have to stop overconsumption which is a similar point Mr. Ball makes:

“If we get off that “consumption means status” we can begin to change this equation. Black people are going to have be trained out of things they were taught to desire. Elijah Muhammad… he cut the appetite for white products off so that the money that was spent buying white owned products was used to build the nation. We must change desires, that is very important…
we don’t need hardly 80 percent of the stuff we think we need”

Dr. Amos Wilson discourages consumption and keeping up with the jones. As for the suggestion of protecting our markets that I mentioned earlier, please check out this video where Dr. Wilson suggests to protect our people from outside businesses so that they won’t make money off our people here. With creativity, coalitions and communication, that solution can still be worked on. And I’m sure Brother Jared probably wouldn’t be against that. Still his book’s focus on the myth and propaganda of black buying power is proven really well. So with that settled, solutions for the issue of building our economic strength would have been cool to read. I think he and Garvey Wilson and others would have agreed a lot more than they disagreed, still I am better for having read his book and recommend it.

Is Protesting More Trouble Than It’s Worth?

With protesters having to deal with being arrested, weeks after attending a protest[1][2], to protesters filing lawsuits against the NYPD today[3], is protesting in the streets for more trouble than its worth?

ny_daily_newsBy squabbling with the police, we aren’t fighting the true enemy, who I am proposing are Democrats and Republicans – the architects of the country. We, the people are facing their “security” in the form of aa pick and roll offense.

It’s not a perfect example but say three people are involved. One represents the people, on defense. The other two, on offense, are the police/security who sets the pick, freeing the ruling class to “roll” to the basket to score. Business gets done as usual while we still get caught up with the pick. That’s what the Daily News article reminded me of. The protester with good intent, goes against the system that the Democrats and Republicans together create, but is stopped by the police who do the dirty work as shown in the picture below.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

It may sound counter-intuitive but if we can redefine protesting to actions that are away from the street, where we don’t deal with police, we can then stay focused on the ruling class. This will be detailed in a separate post, but it’s nothing you haven’t heard before. It’s just underutilized. We can kill more birds with the same stones ( ie people) and reduce getting caught up in street protests. We may still have to deal with armed forces eventually, but at that point we would be ready to do so. 

[1] “An artist stopped posting protest photos online to shield activists from police. Then, he was arrested.” 08 Aug 2020

[2] “The FBI used a Philly protester’s Etsy profile, LinkedIn, and other internet history to charge her with setting police cars ablaze” 29 Aug 2020

[3] “82 NYC protesters file to sue city alleging police brutality at George Floyd events.” 22 Aug 2020

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