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Welcome to the Live Your Truth Blog and the home for Live Your Truth T-shirts!

What makes this blog different?
With the Black point of view generally not represented in mainstream discourse, Live Your Truth presents commentary on current events for Black Americans.

We also study Afrikan and Afrikan-American history and present the case for its relevance today. The benefit of having a guide that uses history to make sense of the media messages is clarity.

Great! What are the t-shirts about?
The messaging on the t-shirts reinforce direction from leaders needed to get out of the current situation we are in America.

We have shirts addressing different areas of Black Afrikan culture since that is our shield and defense against harm from other groups. Since election season is here, we want to promote the direction leaders in our community suggest to take.

Future areas would promote the truths about in Religion, Education and more. Consultation with national experts and influencers in each area happens before we create them. Click the link below to visit the collection

All The Best.

Vote Permanent Interests 2020
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